Bigger. Bolder. Stronger.


The landscape is shifting. Significant changes in policy and practice are underway that have the potential to affect the communities, nonprofits and philanthropy and people with whom we work for generations. Where we can move quickly, we will. And where we can hold steady, we will. And where we need to be bold we shall. Throughout, we’ll work hard to protect the things that are important to the well-being of our communities and advance the greater good for the place we call home.

In the face of great change, several truths remain: 

  • We can rely on our values to guide us.

  • We can harness our collective strength. 

  • We can make smarter decisions to shape our community when we tap into our shared wisdom. 

  • We can move forward strategically and with impact.

Several questions will guide our conference:

  • How is the philanthropic community going bigger to support and sustain grantees and communities?

  • When and where is bold action required, and what new alliances, positions, and levels of engagement will be of greatest service?

  • Where do we see opportunities for stronger action to protect gains?